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heres a view of the mountain in breckenridge. the top-right area of the pic is called 'lake chutes'..probably the most extreme in-bounds skiing in summit county
a trail from the house leads you to this hill, which takes you down into town and the base of the mountain. i heard that the scene from 'christmas vacation' when chevy chase greases up his sled and goes taking off 100 mph was filmed here. this hill is a serious bitch to climb at 2am when you missed the last bus out of town.
my roomate josh and michelle gearing up before getting down the hill. you'll usually find fresh tracks going down and some obstacles so you have to be a little cautious..cause you dont want to bail in front of all the onlookers sledding below.
a nice view from the bottom of the hill
downtown breck..mostly packed with little tourist shops, art galleries, cafes, resturants, and bars. the food is a little overpriced but you cannot beat the happy hour specials at the bars.
custy infested main st.
parade in town
onto the mountain...
breck is no vail but still has plenty of good bowl skiing
here's a pic from Arapahoe Basin..not a good mountain for beginners. my roomate kind of freaked me out when he told me that a skiier died here just last year in an avalanche while skiing INBOUNDS!!

more moutain pics >>